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And congratulations on getting engaged, I'm so happy for you both! What an exciting time you have ahead delving into the world of wedding planning (and most importantly the very crucial cake/cheese tasting!). Thank you for stopping by to 'meet me'!


- Sarah

I am a luxury hair and make up artist based in Shenfield covering London, the South East, and the UK as whole, really -  wherever you need me to be, I will be! My forte is creating gorgeously effortless, modern, natural beauty that is all about that 'lit from within' glow which, as they would say in The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, looks “as if you have swallowed a light bulb". I couple this with soft, textured, romantic hairstyles that look chic but designed to party the night away in. The end result? When you look in the mirror and back at your wedding photographs, I want you to see you, looking timelessly beautiful and radiant, but very much your wonderful self. 


- Emma

So why choose me for your best day ever? 

Well, firstly, as a beauty and skincare fanatic (two drawers in our dresser and an entire standing storage unit dedicated to my personal collection alone), I know the very best, tried and tested products that will create long-lasting, flawless, styles whilst feeling fabulous on the skin. I know what products to use that mean you are confident to shed happy tears, eat cake, have all the hugs, and rock it out on the dance floor, knowing you're still going to be looking stunning! The products I carry are the same as those you would find in the kit bags from the artists working on the red carpets - as we know they just work - such as:  Colour Wow, Dior, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown, Morroconoil, Charlotte Tilbury, By Terry, Nars, Glossier.


Secondly - my training and experience. Whilst you can have the prettiest and most expensive kit,  it is knowing how to use them well which is of the greatest importance. I am extremely fortunate to have been trained and mentored by some of the very best make up artists in the world from royalty favourite, Hannah Martin; skin expert, Sarah Jagger; Serena Williams' make up artist, Pauline Briscoe, and fashion legend, David Horne - to name a few. It was training with the prestigious Delamar Academy that allowed me to be mentored by these incredible hair and make up artists and who have produced countless Oscar and Emmy winning make up graduates. So you know that the techniques that I will be using to create your bespoke bridal beauty, are the very best and fit for royalty. 

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  1. I am really rather chatty and energetic. I am both the make up artist equivalent to Ted Lasso and the proverbial curious cat, so I will love hearing all about you and your wedding. 

  2. I love. And I mean LOVE Harry Potter and Disney. I pretty much know all the HP films and books by heart (Half Blood Prince being the favourite) and the same goes for Disney. My entire house is kitted out in various memorabilia including a bronze Hogwarts crest on my living room wall. I even worked for Walt Disney World as a cast member in Hollywood Studios!

  3. As an English & American Literature & History graduate (and secondary teacher), I love books and studying. Some of my all time favourites are: The Great Gatsby; The Bell Jar; Little Women; P.G. Wodehouse 'Jeeves' series. 

  4. I am a theatre lover - my favourite, favourite theatre company are Mischief Comedy. If you have never seen The Play That Goes Wrong or Peter Pan Goes Wrong, you need to. 

  5. I am a mummy to my four year old daughter, who also loves Disney and Make Up, a wife to my university sweetheart, and a fully qualified History & English teacher.

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